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How can we help you?
What is Blaasta?
Blaasta is a redefined social media platform with an inbuilt social economy that enables users to be rewarded for their active engagements through posting and sharing stories/articles, pictures and music and more.
How does Blaasta work?
In Blaasta, just signup and verify your email. This enables you to enjoy all the entire features and earnings within the platform.

Once you have earned, you can simply cash out your earnings to main balance and then withdraw to your bank account.
What ways can I earn?
You can earn by posting a story/article, picture, music. You can also earn by reading the post and sharing some revenue of the author when you give him a green flag on the well-written article.

Affiliate Earning;

You can also earn when you refer someone who joins and upgrades his/her Blaasta account.
You can earn two levels deep. (Level 1 & 2)
How does Blaasta differ from others?
Other social media sites extract lots of value only for their own benefit. We believe that users should receive benefits and rewards for their attention and the contribution they make.
How do I secure my account?
Make sure you use a password you can easily remember, do not share your login details with anyone, secure your transaction pin, also change your password periodically.
Where does the value come from?
Users add value to Blaasta by posting, commenting, liking and reading post and more. In order words, people compete for attention and rewards by adding/bringing quality content to the platform. The more quality the posts or blaasts by users, the more value they attract and the more Blaasta gain more traction.
Why are the reward different from people?
As you all know, Blaasta is not a “get rich quick” scheme. In as much as it is possible for posts to go viral quickly thereby earning a lot of reward for a single post, this cannot always be the case for most users.

Most of the authors that are now earning high rewards are those that spent time building audience, making connections with others, developing a reputation and bringing high-quality content.

The way to go is simply to have realistic expectations, and not focus much on rewards. Work on building your audience, make connections and always make sure you have quality content that will attract users and audience to you. In the long run, it will pay off.
How can I advertise?
To advertise, simply login to your account, click on the Advertise button, select the category or the type of ad you want to run and pay and submit your ad. Once approved your ad immediately will start displaying on the website.
Can I renew an expired Ad?
Yes, if your ad has expired and you feel like you want to continue running your ad, simply click on renew ad and pay.
What if my ad is not apporved after I have paid?
If your ad is not approved after you have paid, the paid amount will be returned back to you.
How many campaigns can I run?
There is no limit to the number of campaign you can run. As many as possible as you wish, you can run ads.
How do I create an account?
Simply click “Sign Up” link at the top of blaasta.com to get started.

After creating an account, you will need to upgrade your account.
How do I upgrade my account?
From your dashboard, simply click on upgrade, then select the method of upgrade you want to use.
What are the payment methods?
You can use Paystack online payment (covers ATM, Visa QR, GTB 737, Bank transfer)
You can use Airtime, this you have to notify an admin to manually upgrade your account after payment.
You can use Blaasta voucher, this you can get from Blaasta certified dealers. Refer to List of voucher sellers
Am I allowed to create more than one account?
No, We strongly recommend one user for one account. Multiple accounts if detected will be suspended or blocked.
Can I change my username?
Account usernames cannot be changed. The only way out is to create a new account which will still require you upgrade such account before enjoying the entire features.
Can I delete or deactivate my account?
Accounts on Blaasta cannot be deleted or deactivated
Are there guides for Blaasta?
We do not have any official rules to follow when using blaasta, but you can refer to some user who has created some Etiquette Guide for everyone. Note that this is optional, however, most users refers to it for guide.
How do I card a post/blaast or comment?
To create a post/blaast or comment, click on the “card” icon at the bottom of the post or comment.
I am seeing Trending, Hot, New, Promote, what do they mean?
Trending - New posts with 10 green cards,10 comments and above

Hot - New posts with 10 comments, 10 likes, has earned over N1,000 and above.

New - Newly uploaded post

Promoted - post that owners paid for it to be promoted.
How do I see my earnings?
Login, click on "Account". then click on dashboard. From your dashboard, you will see all your earnings distributed according to the activities.

There are categories or earnings.

Stories - Rewards/earnings when other users give your story/article a green card.

Pictures - Rewards/earnings when other users give your picture a green card.

Music - Rewards/earnings when people play your uploaded song.

Referrals - Rewards/earnings when people you refer activate/upgrade their account

Activities - Rewards/earnings on various other activities you perform on Blaasta such as daily login, Today’s Ad share, reading posts and more.
How do I cashout my earnings?
From your dashboard, click on the “cashout” button and your earnings will be moved to your main balance, then from your main balance you simply click on “withdraw” and it will be credited to your account.
How long does it take before my account gets credited?
For security reasons, it takes maximum 48hrs for you to be credited. This is to make sure that the withdrawal process is coming from the account owner.
Can I earn from someone who does not have account?
No, for you to earn either by green card flash or post reading, the user must have an account with Blaasta.
Can I advertise with my main balance?
Yes, you can place an advert using your main balance.
How can I earn from my post?
For you to earn from your post is when someone clicks on your article and reads it for 20 seconds, or flashes you a green card.

Remember, the page has to be opened before you earn.
How can I earn more with my post?
To increase your earnings, build audience or followers, the more audience you have the more you are likely to receive more green cards and views.
This simply means that you have to make sure that your posts have quality content. Most users follow authors who have quality contents.